Design & Project Management
P5 specialises in the design, project planning, cost control and delivery of fast-track construction projects.
Construction Management
P5 offers a single point of contact for construction management of projects co-ordinating all direct and subcontract specialists.
Retail Equipment
The P5 team has managed the manufacture, installation, and supply of merchandising equipment for major retailers. Numerous concepts have been implemented across the UK and Western Europe


About us

P5 offers the complete package of services required to deliver construction projects. We can provide some or all the following:

P5 - Retail & Commercial Interiors

The P5 team has supported blue chip estates departments through their earliest discussions with landlords, providing valuable commercial insight into the whole process of acquisition, negotiation, agreements for lease, project planning, procurement and delivery.

With 30 years of major project experience across all sectors the P5 team has the skills to apply design concepts to any context: out-of-town, high street, centre, concession, insert, airport, station, motorway, or high street services.
External elevations, graphics and signage can be quickly agreed with the landlord’s designers. P5 aims to deliver projects that are as close as possible to the designer’s vision and the client’s brief.

P5 brings together decades of experience in fast-track commercial projects. The combination of ‘design’ and ‘build’ skills creates a rare understanding of the challenges of commercial construction. This integration of design and construction is at the core of P5’s insight into what clients look for when undertaking a project, and what support they need to deliver successful solutions.

The P5 team has managed the manufacture, installation, and supply of merchandising equipment for major retailers. Numerous concepts have been implemented across the UK and Western Europe.
Coordinated detail design, materials selection and sourcing, prototyping, manufacture, packaging, storage, inventory, and distribution. All components from cash desks to signage and graphics have been designed and shipped.
In-house we have produced equipment installation manuals in several languages to help the retailer promote and realise opportunities.

P5 reduces clients’ reliance on a large consultant team. We draw on contractors and suppliers to produce real costs not theoretical ones. Our experienced people programme, tender and manage all projects. We obtain all approvals and ensure all H&S requirements are met. We do not delegate down to the lowest level of competence.
The design of mechanical, electrical and sprinkler systems, mezzanine floors, stairs and balustrades, lifts, hoists, smoke control, automatic doors, light fittings, signage graphics, IT, AV, security systems and other specialised elements are all generated through and by contractors that have the experience and track record of delivering first class solutions for commercial customers.



Project Management

Our specialised project managers ensure that our team meets the unique requirements of each project and client we work with.

Design & Build

A rare combination of in-house hard construction skills and excellence in design and planning.

Equipment Management

Extensive experience of the design, manufacture and installation of new retail concepts.

Retail Planning

Ensuring the optimum use of available space, to achieve maximum impact and efficiency.


Our extensive contact base of contractors and construction professionals allows P5 to consistently meet the highest standards of project delivery.


Construction Design and Management is provided by P5 to ensure that our clients meet all necessary H&S legislation.